Dust bin locks

Binster locks were created to prevent passers-by from introducing waste into recycling bins. We are certainly not jealous of rubbish, but it is not pleasant to receive a heavy fine for not having sorted correctly, without knowing who to say thank you to. The ideal locks for recycling bins must:

  • prevent unauthorized people from using the bins, for example citizens outside the property;
  • resist any break-in attempts;
  • be simple and quick to open;
  • make emptying operations carried out by employees easier.
OMR Serrature has patented an innovativegravitational closing systemwhichallows condominiums to use the bins in a practical and hygienic way, and for workers to carry out collection operations without having to use keys either to open or close the rubbish bins. The gravitational locks patented by the company are supplied in a complete kit which provides for simple installation on different types of boxes >: 2 or 4 wheel models with capacities of 120, 240, 360, 660 or 1100 liters used for the containment of any type of waste. OMR Serrature is an important point of reference for locks for waste bins and the patented system of gravitational locks is functional both for citizens who use the bins for waste disposal and for for ecological operators they can empty them in a practical and quick way. Separate waste collection has a very positive impact on the balance of our ecosystem, and has made it essential to use special, easily distinguishable bins for their color, as well as the labels that mark them. In condominium contexts, waste bins have large dimensions, and it is essential that they are equipped with a lock to avoid unexpected fines.

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The locks made by OMR are suitable for any application where locks in general are needed. We also offer locks for unusual applications requiring very specific technical features: thanks to the totally independent production process (no process is outsourced), OMR Serrature can create tailor-made locks or customize some features of the existing ones. No fear for those who are not experts in this field and cannot choose the models that best suit their needs: our staff is available to analyse any single case and provide the most proper solutions.