The OMR range includes plate cylinder camlocks, slamlocks, quarter turn camlocks, latchlocks for padlocks as well as 2-point locks, 3-point locks, push locks and ratchet locks. Furthermore, locks with notched cams, locks with removable barrel, cross-key locks, re-programmable locks, combination locks, gravity locks for waste bins and swinghandles are also available. OMR also offer small-size locks suitable for applications with limited installation space (the so-called mini-camlocks), OTTO series locks, waterproof and oxidation resistant locks. The OMR range also extends to accessories such as handles of any kind, i.e. knobs for keyless operation, technical components such as barrels and complementary items like hinges for several opening mechanisms, shackle padlocks, armoured padlocks and much more. OMR Serrature also offer electronic products: on the one hand, we can mention locks with electric contact, which are traditional key-operated locks allowing to activate an electrical device. But also electronic locks fall within this category: keyless locks which require digital tools to lock/unlock, like PIN codes, HSC (High Security Code), Bluetooth and much more.

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The range of products OMR is extremely wide, so much so that listing all items is not easy: the locks we manufacture meet the needs of several applications. The accurate and highly professional design takes care of the slightest detail. Any item is available in different models, not to mention the several customization possibilities. Thanks to the in-house manufacturing process, we can customize every lock feature, including its design. Furthermore, to all customers with specific commercial or professional requests, OMR Serrature can offer sets of locks supplied in convenient and smart suitcases.