It depends on the application. For both camlock types the functioning is based on the rotation of a cam, a multipoint cam or an actuator (for multiple drawers) to lock and unlock. 

The inner mechanism of pin tumbler camlocks consists of brass pins (each one of them actuated by a spring) arranged either in line or in circular pattern. Plate-cylinder camlocks are manufactured in cast zinc alloy (ZAMAK) and they are made of a housing and a barrel (or core) where the plates (each one actuated by a spring) determining the combination are located.

Pin-tumbler camlocks are commonly used for outdoor applications or wherever a higher security degree is requested; plate-cylinder camlocks are mostly suitable for master key systems, they are cheaper and widely used in metal furniture, industrial cabinets, lockers, mail boxes, vending and gaming machines.

Concerning camlocks, once the diameter dimension is taken, the body length is the second most important parameter: start from behind the head and move along the cylinder down to the cam fixing point.

Then the cam shall be measured, specifically the working length – aka cam height – which is the distance between the center of the hole and the end of the cam. If you install a cranked cam, also the crank measurement shall be taken, which is the distance between the lower and the upper plane. Both measurements make sure the cam safely engages the strike.

The reversible key, unlike the conventional key, has teeth cut on both sides of the shaft. It offers a great deal of comfort as it will fit into the lock no matter which direction it is facing when it is inserted. It comes particularly in handy in dimly lit spots or for persons with limited eyesight. 

It is not true that it is safer, since it does not offer a higher number of combinations compared to the conventional key, simply because the same keying is replicated on both sides of the key shaft; there are though several key and lock types with different security degrees based on the desired protection level.

The hand used to unlock determines the door opening direction. In a right-hand door, for example, facing the door the lock is installed on the left and the hinges on the right. Viceversa for a left-hand door.

If all locks can be operated using the same key it is KA (keyed alike), each one with a different key it is KD (keyed different) and, lastly, if all locks are operated with different keys but they can also be opened using a master key it is MK (master key). This latter is a hierarchical system which can be configured on several levels.

While the KA system is adopted to minimize the amount of keys, the MK system is needed for a setting where many people are working, i.e. hotels, schools, hospitals or any other facility where hundreds of locks with different keyings are installed. The great practicality of the Master key allows the managers to open the locks they were assigned, thus giving access to multiple areas with a single key.

Please specify that you wish a master key system while ordering. 

Sooner or later, it happens to lose keys: front door keys, the cellar key or simply the keys to a piece of furniture; to solve the problem, just follow these steps:

  • If there is a number impressed on the cylinder, you can contact the manufacturer asking for the contact details of the nearest dealer. Tell him the number and he will provide you with the spare keys.
  • If you are in an office or a general facility, send for the facility manager who is likely to have the master key for the emergency opening.

If none of the above is viable, drill the lock to destroy the mechanism: please take the needed care to perform this operation and be aware that the object where the lock is installed might get damaged as well. We would like to remind you that lock picking (whether for self-satisfaction or real need) must be performed legally and responsibly and exclusively on your possessions.

Beyond the functional features and dimensions, the starting point is the fixing hole on the door. That’s the reason why the OMR catalogue includes a section where all the locks fitting in a specific fixing hole are listed.  

If you are having some trouble finding the needed information, get in touch! We are glad to help you!

Curiously enough, recent studies show that human brain temporarily loses 9 objects a day. You might have then the need to replace the keys or simply change the acces levels and authorizations.  

To solve this issue without steadily changing the lock, or even worse, damaging the door, we have 4 solutions: 

  • Reprogrammable lock: you can change the keying using a special key. You do not even need to disassemble the lock.
  • Locks with removable barrel: the benefit of the removable barrel is twofold, as it solves both security and reprogramming issues. Should the key get lost or if the keying is changed, using the purposedly provided removal key, it is possible to remove the plate-cylinder barrel in the open position and to replace it. The housing will not be affected and it it does not need disassembling. 
  • Combination locks: featuring 4 wheels, each one with 10 numbers, they allow the keyless locking and unlocking.  
  • Electronic locks: you can forget about the keys and their management with the electronic locks for lockers. The security degree will be even higher and you can implement access control without any wiring.

Our gravity lock for waste bins is the right solution for you. It can be easily installed on a few minutes and they are recognized by all waste management companies. They are compatible with 2 or 4-wheeled 120, 240, 360, 660 and 1100 liters waste bins and they can be provided in sets for larger communities. They are the best solution to safeguard recycling in cities, tourist and residential areas.

Visit our accessories page and you will find a wide range of hinges, handles, rods, adapters, nuts, washers, cams, multipoint cams, actuators, pins, guides and much more. These items allow you to adapt the lock to your piece of furniture, to install a multiple drawer locking system or a multipoint latch.

You can find three solutions in our product range: 

  • 40 mm camlock, item code 63255 
  • 33 mm rim lock, item code 220350 
  • Rim cross-key lock, item code 100870 (suitable for installation on wooden doors up to 43 mm).

The main actions to optimize the furniture manufacturing process are aimed at cutting stock and storage expenditures. From the technical standpoint, they are mainly targeted to the fixing hole and reversible doors. In this regards, here are three interesting solutions: 

  • The rim lock, item code 220300_SPAL04236 is suitable for both right-hand and left-hand installation, thus reducing storage costs. 
  • The camlock for sliding doors, item code 160551, combined with the handle MMAN04362, is designed to manufacture only one model of reversible door as both items fit in the exact same hole.
  • The camlocks with item codes 165642, 165639, 165640, 165641 can be installed in the same fixing hole. You can then choose among a key-operated camlock, a knob, a key-operated knob and a triangle tool operated camlock.

We have the solution for you! You can install the lock without drilling the showcase, both on single and on double doors, no matter which side of the glass you wish to fix it on.  

If your showcase is equipped with sliding doors, the item code 220335 is the right solution for you. For single swing doors, item code 220358 and item code 220359 for double swinng doors. These latters embed a handle and are available in anodized aluminium finish.

The best solution is the slamlock with hooked cam which, thank to a spring mechanism, automatically locks when closed or slammed shut. A key will be needed to unlock. We suggest the item code 165819 (available both in the weldable and to-rivet version) or the item 165870 with hook to customize based on your needs.

The keys of item code 100750, also available in the reprogrammable version (100755), thank to their peculiar design can ben duplicated only in our manufacturing plant. 

The M&C Euro profile cylinders and padlocks are patented and the keys can be exclusively copied in our plant or by the official MOIA+ dealers.

The SUPERCLASS suitcases are made for you! A wide selction of locks, resulting from 50 years of manufacturing experience, divided into practical suitcases based on the material they need to be installed on (metal, wood or glass).  

The different compartments can be quickly replenished thanks to the convenient illustrated table of contents. You just need to catch a glimpse to check the missing items and re-order them.  

The suitcase features a handle and a padlockable closing mechanism to be easily transported on the construction site or to be used as set of samples to show to customers.

The new SERIE OTTO range makes it possible to install a mechanical / electronic Euro profile cylinder whenever an old knob (push) lock was installed.  

It comprises a main Euro profile body and either a standard tubular latch or a roller latch (pull-to-open). The safety mechanism blocks the latch depression to prevent the use of credit cards or other tools for unauthorized opening. Any Euro profile cylinder can be installed (key/key, key/knob, electronic or motorized) and combined with the standard cylinder protections on the market. 

Upgrade the security of your doors (i.e. hotel rooms) and wall systems, implement access control (for example in train stations, airports or public buildings) and protect confidential data, corporate assets. 

The easy installation and the many configuration possibilities make it suitbale for several applications.

Normally, the fixing holes for camlocks feature a double D shape to prevent the camlock from rotating while locking and unlocking. Anyway, if the fixing hole on the door is round, you can use the anti-rotation plate MPIA04837 which can be fixed with two screws on wood, two rivets or by welding on metal.

We know very well that the key is often used as a handle, by pulling the head of the key to open the door. By doing so, over time some malfunctioning problems might arise. For this purpose, we have designed the plastic handle SMAN04903 to easily benefit from a knob to install on the camlock head without much trouble.

It is no problem if the metal door already has a fixing hole. With the practical adapter you can switch from “type 1” fixing hole to “type 2” fixing hole.  

Or have a look at the fixing hole index in our catalogue, allowing you in the blink of an eye to see which locks fit in your hole.

Thanks to the use of new highly resistant materials, OMR offer a wide range of weather and oxidation resistant locks for use in marine environments. These locks with their colours and the fine texture blend in any furniture design.  

These are only some of the many outstanding features of our technopolymer locks: they are lighter than the conventional metal locks, making them suitable for applications where weight makes a difference, they are resistant to any weather condition and also wear resistant, preventing the formation of unsightly marks or surface opacification.

The difference lies in the new high-performing glass reinforced polymer, an extraordinary material which can be used as an alternative to metal for the whole OMR range: plate-cylinder camlocks, tool operated camlocks, locks for drawers and swing doors…

Within the range of latchlocks for padlocks, one of the models is purposedly designed to install a security seal to keep the openings under control, such as for fire prevention equipment, drugs, hazardous substances or defibrillators AED.

You can replace the conventional key-operated camlock with a latchlock for padlock by having a look at our fixing hole index to check which latchlock fits in your hole. Furthermore, you can opt for one of the products belonging to the SERIE K range, which allow you to turn a key-operated camlock into a latchlock for padlock without taking down the camlock housing from the door. You can even install an ergonomic and practical knob.

Let us remind you that if you aim for the top performance in terms of users management and you want to cut down maintenance costs of mechanical locks, we have a wide range of electronic locks and mechanical combination locks available.