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Locks in offices are widely used and they find application in several different scenarios. Locks in offices are installed on doors, not only front doors but also internal doors, cabinets, archives, pedestals and furniture in general. Let’s not also forget electrical cabinets, dust bins, hatches and many other elements. Depending on their use and the security level requested, the locks have different features. In most offices some rooms or furniture need higher security: perhaps confidential papers, cash or high-value electronic devices are stored in there.  Needless to say, in such cases it is paramount to opt for high-security locks and OMR Serrature offer a wide range of locks for restricted areas and for furniture. 

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The solutions of OMR

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OMR Serrature take great care for the handiness and the practicality of locks, in the awareness that the slightest details make a difference in terms of comfort and efficiency The introduction of new pieces of furniture created specifically for the customer along with the innovative ways of designing spaces, have changed the world of office furniture a lot over the past yearsNowadays, thanks to movable walls, equipped walls, glass walls and office partitions, the office layout can be arranged in an extremely flexible way. These solutions are fully modular. Their easy installation and removal, without any construction operation needed, has marked a real revolution in this sector. These solutions are increasingly appreciated for their look and OMR Serrature, being aware of their popularity, offer locks suitable for these kinds of elements.