Our locks and accessories are multifunctional: they find application and can be combined with different materials, among which wood, metal, glass, plastic, Plexiglas. Each one of these materials features different appearance, resistance and strength thus shaping the style and design of the finished product.

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Wood is strong, sturdy and versatile. Wood is a natural, precious and robust material which reconnects us with the earth, conveying a feeling of cosiness and warmth through its colours and veins. It is always living and ever-changing and that’s why it is highly valued still today, especially in furniture, in all its different varieties and essences.

Also the less noble wood by-products like MDF and HPL are widely used to combine technological feasibility with environmental and economic sustainability.

It is right in this costly setting that our furniture locks find application: on the one hand they secure the items stored inside and, on the other hand, they give a nod to the world of furniture and interior design.


Glass is a noble material which, while securing the contents, thanks to the peculiar shine and transparency, does not create a true obstruction. It then enriches the environment, leaving open spaces to smoothly blend in with the surrounding elements.
Furnishing with glass furniture, showcases and walls means opting for lightness, making objects and space barriers evanescent. Glass is also eco-friendly as it can always be melted and recycled endlessly.
No matter if on a swing door or a slinding door, our locks can be installed without drilling, thus facilitating the after-market fitting on i.e. shop displays, showcases for malls and jewelleries.

Metal or aluminium

Metals are natural non-biological materials: this means they are not born, they do not eat, they do not grow, they do not breed and they do not die. Each one of them has its own physical, mechanical and technological characteristics making it different from the others and suitable for various uses. Despite its remarkable lightness, metal ensures functionality and strength. Thanks to these features, metal is considered the perfect replacement for wood, especially in manufacturing settings.

Metal is commonly used in shopfloor furniture, work benches, tool trolleys and shelves, office furniture. Quick-fixing and cross-key locks as well as latches for flap doors are only some of the many solutions within an increasingly wide and innovative range of products.

Plastic and Plexiglas

Plastic is the general term for a wider family of man-made materials, easy to process and to shape. Plexiglas is a plastic, transparent, infrangible, flexible and strong material which was invented in the 20th century to find application in the most diverse sectors. No matter if transparent or coloured, it can be easily adapted to varied furnishing styles. The toughness, oxydation resistance and the durability make it fit for service trolleys for community centres, cleaning trolleys, workshop trolleys, displays and outdoor furniture.

The presence of nonmagnetic materials (also in our technopolymer locks), is a basic requirement for medical applications like imaging, CAT, MRI equipment and hospitality (kitchens, food machinery etc.): being strong and oxydation resistant, technopolymer locks are the first alternative to the expensive stainless steel locks and are particularly suitable for marine environments and valves.