Una selezione di serrature a pulsante per ante scorrevoli in metallo

Sliding Doors Locks

This type of lock is used on cabinets and wall units with metal or wooden sliding doors. The push-button lock, as the name suggests, is activated and deactivated by a button built into the mechanism.

OMR technopolymer locks: strong, durable, versatile

Technopolymer locks are extremely versatile, lightweight and robust, ideal for a wide range of applications where resistance to environmental, mechanical and chemical stresses is critical. Contact our customer service department to submit your engineering polymer...

Micro locks with blade tumbler

Discover the ingenious versatility of OMR micro locks - compact, durable, and safe Featuring a five- or three-leaf central rotor safety mechanism, these locks are made of zinc alloy for the body and rotor, while...

OMR microlock: perfection in miniature

OMR micro locks have established in various fields as the ideal solution for installations when little space is available. These locks lend themselves to a wide range of applications. They are made of die-cast metal,...

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