Latchlocks for padlocks and seal. Convenient, practical, at hand

We often go to public places like dressing rooms and we are requested to use or purchase a padlock to temporarily secure the locker we are assigned; this locking method is practical and safe and it is possible thanks to the use of latchlocks for padlocks.

Maniglie con sigillo, serrature con sigillo personalizzabile

Designed to secure wooden and metal lockers, gas or water meter boxes, they can also be used for cabinets containing electronic equipment or also in healthcare facilities. They are highly appreciated firstly because opening the door is really easy thanks to the handle and secondly for their flexibility: every kind of padlock can be used and it can be easily replaced, without removing or changing the lock.

The installation of latchlocks for padlocks or seal is easy: you just need to drill a double-D fixing hole on the door to fix it.

You just need to turn the handle 90° to open the door; inserting the padlock in the purposedly provided hole will block the rotation, thus making the opening impossible and securing the content of the locker.

Maniglia con sigillo, serratura con sigillo personalizzabile

They are available in different lengths (from 10 to 28 mm) and made of die-cast metal with chrome or nickel finish, they guarantee high resistance and long product lifetime.
They are supplied with a nut and a cam with 7 mm square fixing hole (working length 43 mm). Being entirely manufactured in the OMR plant you can customize your product with different finishes or special cams.

Latchlocks can also be used with seals, which turn out to be very useful in all applications where it is needed to keep the opening under control, such as fire-protection system, drugs, hazardous substances or defibrillator AED.