Locking systems for lockers

raw of lockers, solutions to secure lockers.

Everyone of us has stored valuable objects in crowded public spaces.
Let’s just think of a gym or a swimming pool where we store wallets, handbags and further personal valuable items in a locker.

The locking mechanism of the locker is then fundamental to ensure that our objects are stored safely. The facility managers strive to meet these needs through different solutions based on the desired security level.

Camlock with plate cylinder – key to lock

19 mm plate cylinder camlock

It is widely used in filing cabinets, safe boxes, office storage systems. The different keying possibilities such as KD (keyed to differ), KA (keyed alike) and MK (master key) allow the manager to have the full control over the access authorizations.
The metal camlock is provided with 2 brass keys SCHG05082, cam with square fixing hole , 43 mm working length and a nut.
You just need a double D fixing hole on the door and it is perfect to replace the old camlocks.


Latchlock for padlock in zinc alloy for 30 and 40 mm padlocks

When security becomes a personal issue and the user is the only responsible for it, the best solution is a latchlock.
To use it correctly, the user needs a personal padlock, chosen based on the desired security level.
This is the best solution to opt for where key management is not easy and it is then tricky to check that keys are not duplicated.
The best examples are gyms, where users exceed the total amount of available lockers or schools where each pupil stores the personal items in lockers, with the safety that he/she is the only one holding the key.

Electronic lock – The smart and innovative way


Electronic locks, in spite of their reduced size, are a flexible locking system.
Simple and quick to install, they are the plug&play replacement for the old mechanical locks.
The wide range of models and functions available make them suitable for any application. The lithium battery lasts up to 10 years. The electronic lock offers 9 different programming options and it can be operated both in private and public mode. The locker mode (aka public or multi-user mode) allows the user to create a code which remains valid until the lock is re-opened using the same code.
From that moment on, it can be locked in two different ways: either by inserting the same code or, if the locker is being cleared out, by the following user who chooses his/her own code.
The IP54 protection makes it suitable for outdoor use and humid environments, while the LED lights signalling opening/closing improve the visibility.
The Bluetooth and RFID models are also available.

No matter what your need is, whether for work or during your free time, make sure your personal belongings are always safely stored.