CLASS/ACC: the suitcase to complete any installation

Our SUPER/CLASS suitcases contain a wide selection of our best-selling products for wooden, metal and glass applications, the result of our 50-year long manufacturing experience. Be a superhero and have the solution to any installation problem at hand!

You will be ready to efficiently meet any request of your customers on camlocks and their accessories.

The nemesis of locking systems

Sooner or later a nut needs replacing, you need to change a washer or the cam to make the installation more efficient.
In those very moments, the solutions we have are not many and sometimes not ideal; purchasing whole packagings and carrying them around during installations is inconvenient and costly. Ordering a customized cam for a single installation or cranking the cam in situ is time consuming and poses a great risk to the item functioning. In many cases you would have liked to have the solution at hand.

As we are aware of the needs of our customers and want to be ready to meet them, we thought of this accessories kit, a can’t-miss item for dealers, hardware shops, retailers and professionals.

The perfect solution

We decided then to add a new member to the SUPER/CLASS family, a fourth suitcase containing a selection of the most useful accessories to have always at hand. Straight cams in different lengths, cranked or hooked cams; nuts with unconventional thread pitches, horseshoe clips, washers and spacers, quick-fix handles etc… a selection of 700 pieces to make the installation easier and every item adaptable to all needs.

The practical suitcase compartments can be easily replenished when needed and, thanks to the legenda on the lid, you can catch a glimpse of the content and re-order rapidly. It is equipped with a handle and a padlockable latch for transport.


Let’s find out more

Straight cam square 7 mm in zinc plated steel for camlock - SLED04558
Cranked cam square 7 mm in zinc plated steel for camlocks - SLEP03897
Notched cam in zinc plated steel for camlock - SLED00023
Leva a gancio in acciaio zincato per serratura - SLEP04603

No matter if you call them cam or latches, you will find 8 different types of them (a selection of the 300+ types we manufacture, which you can see clicking on this link
Long straight cam: you can cut it to size
Cranked cams: all of them with 43 mm working lenght, you can find a selection of the most common crank sizes 3, 5, 7 and 13 mm.
Hooked cams: with 3 different working lengths and 3 different types of hooks to suit any installation need.

Spiked washer in zinc plated steel with double D fixing hole - SRON00118
Washer - SRON04625

The claw washer guarantees a safer grip on wood, whereas on metal it can be useful as adapter in case the fixing hole is not suitable for the lock to install.

Forcella/Clip fissaggio rapido al posto del dado - MFOR02400
Forcella/Clip fissaggio rapido al posto del dado - MFOR00262
Forcella/Clip fissaggio rapido al posto del dado - MFOR0265

The three lower compartments contain the most common horseshoe clips for camlocks, oval pedestal camlocks or push locks for metal sliding doors.

Nut - MDAD04959
Nut - SDAD00815
Nut - SDAD00808

We know that very often a spare nut is needed. That’s the reason why we included nuts featuring unconventional thread pitches for Ø 15 and Ø 19 camlocks, besides nuts for Ø 18 camlocks for mailboxes.

Actuator for espagnolette locks - SCOM04938
2-point drive cam for espagnolette locks - SBIL00072

If you need a central locking system, you can find 2-point cams, 3-point cams and lifting pins (to cut to size in case of need) to replace the cam.

Metal adapter to change the fixing hole, no changes on the door - SVAR03715

If the fixing hole punched on the doors is square with rounded angles, it is possible to turn it into a Ø 19 double D fixing hole thanks to the adapter.

Controbordo - SCON02811

The striking plate allows you to create the striking point for any cam or latch on our catalogue.

Springs and wafers

Molla - MMOL01015
Lamella - SLAM01715 - SLAM01710 - SLAM01705

With the micro-springs and the wafers provided, you will be able to rapidly and easily create the keying that best suits your customer’s needs, including keyed alike (KA) systems.

Piastrina antirotazione - MPIA04837

Sometimes on wood it is simpler to cut a round fixing hole but then you need to find a way to fix the camlock and prevent it from rotating. You just need the fixing plate MPIA04837 and two screws (or rivets for metal) to fix it on the inner side of the door to create a traditional double D fixing hole for your camlock.



How many times has it happened that a circlip slips off your hands and falls on the floor? Having always a spare one at hand is amazing!


Do not use the key as handle to pull the door. Just install a handle on the cylinder head. It is a practical solution and it extends the camlock lifetime.

23 mm black plastic rosette - SVAR02170
Boccola di rifinitura in plastica grigia - SVAR02355
Grey rosette for locks - SVAR01931
Metal rosette for locks - SVAR04863

The fixing hole is not always perfect. You just need a rosette to put a remedy! That’s the reason why we have added a selection of rosettes for camlocks to use on furniture doors, filing cabinets, push locks for wood, 2-point locks or espagnolette locks.

Teddy Roosevelt used to say: “Do you have a problem? Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

If you have the suitcase CLASS/ACC with you, it will be much easier!

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