Titolo Soluzioni per le officine - chiusure

The furniture sector for working environments is teeming with new actors and the offer is increasingly higher. Where to start to make the best choice? Firstly, with the material of your new piece of furniture considering the working environment where it will be installed. The various options range from different kinds of wood, from the most expensive to the cheapest ones, i.e. the by-products from woodworking like MDF, chipboard, plywood, to the synthetic multi-layered materials, melamine and, last but not least, metal. Thanks to its strength and long-life metal is no doubt the best material for workshop furniture.

fter choosing the material, there comes the time to think of the door type and, consequently, of the lock to install to protect what you store inside: maybe some precious tool, some records or that gauge that is always nowhere to be found… Let’s be clear about all the options.

For the smallest tools, the ones the operators always need by their side, the best option is surely a mobile and compact chest of drawers. Here are some lock solutions for chests of drawers

to be coupled – for higher safety – to our anti-tilt systems

As far as cabinets are concerned, sliding doors keep being fairly popular. They are a space-saver but you can never have a full view of what is inside, because one door at a time can be opened. Through this link you can catch a glimpse of our wide array of solutions for sliding doors:

Considering the stability of the opening/closing mechanism and the absence of door guides that on the shop could easily be damaged by debris, dust etc. why not choosing the traditional swing doors? This solution combines solidity and practicality and why not… a touch of beauty with the metal square handle.

La maniglia a base quadra - una chiusura a regola d'arte

Easy to install, without using a single tool. The backside design is dynamic and flexible and features a tonguing system: you just need to press the handle into the door hole and… done!

The opening/closing mechanism is activated by turning the handle. You will turn the key only to (un)lock the handle rotation, not to open the doors. Your lock will then last even longer!

Talking about keys… Which one to choose? To prevent the key from breaking in the cylinder and from somebody to get hurt by bumping into it, the folding key with plastic handgrip is the best solution: safe, practical and space-saving! Of course, we can also offer the traditional brass keys or the steel keys with fixed plastic handgrip, to be customized with a colour of your choice and your company logo.

Since ergonomics play a key-role to us, we did not forget that most of the times your hands on the shop can be greasy and slippery. We added then two finger grooves on the handle for a better grip while turning it.

One last thing! What colour is your new piece of furniture? No matter the colour you chose, our metal (not plastic) handle can be painted in the exact same colour for a perfect match. Because the appearance to us is as important as the practicality and the robustness!

If you are a high-tech person, here is the latest 4.0 electronic lock. You can forget about the keys and you can easily implement a reliable access control. It can be installed in 5 minutes on any piece of furniture for a plug-and-play replacement of your old mechanical lock.