Short-term rental: how to take care of your guest!

Nowadays, renting your apartment has become a real challenge. Even if the apartment is empty, you need to pay the needed running costs. New online platforms were developed to help owners to rent out their apartments, houses and villas. For sure it is a profitable business, which for some has turned into an actual job.

You now run your own “Hotel” and your next step is “Welcome Sir” mode on!

If this business is not job, but helps to supplement your salary, useful applications can assist you with reservations, check in and check out. You should look after your guest at every step and assist him in the most important moment: the arrival and the keys delivery.

Probably your guests will be late or they might not have told you about the arrival time; you have an important meeting and you cannot miss it! Well, your guest is arriving from London and he needs to check in as agreed. Good idea: hiding the keys under the doormat!!! Sorry, but it is unprofessional and unsafe!!

Electronic lock mountend on mail box - Lock Hellock

The solution is a simple mailbox embedding the Hellock System: the new electronic lock. Easy and safe: leave the key or the card in your postbox, tell your guest the security code and go to your meeting.

Hellock, the electronic lock, is available in 9 versions; however, the most suitable solutions for B&Bs are:

  • KEYBOARD+ NFC Technology: you assign a code to the lock via smartphone and you change it whenever you want. You can also manage many different functions.

  • HSC (HIGH SECURITY CODE): set a temporary code valid within a set time.

Mr. Smith will be so surprised by your professional and efficient solution, that he will mention and review your apartment on the main travel websites and Hospitality blogs.