Bluetooth electronic lock with keypad

The electronic lock HELLOCK! with Bluetooth BLE technology and numeric keypad is a locking system consisting of an external case made of engineering plastics high performance, containing an electronic device capable of activating the knob locking and unlocking solenoid without using the key. The lock is powered by a 5-year button cell, no wiring needed. It is the ideal soluton to optimize space and enhance the appearance of your lockers thanks to the reduced size and the fine and minimal design combined with the high technology of the embedded CPU. It is also suitable for the installation outdoors, it resists humidity and prevents the ingress of dust as testified by the IP54 certification.

The user operates the lock using a PIN code sent via SMS. The dedicated web platform allows the manager to assign lockers to users, check the event log, the battery level and the lock status (open/closed). Besides the single user and the multi-user mode, several options are available: colour (white or black), installation (horizontal or vertical, upper knob or lower knob, right-hand or left-hand) . The 3 access levels – user, service and master – allow to manage the access authorization of users, each with their own responsibilities and permissions. The electronic keyless lock is suitable for the installation on all kinds of furniture doors, cabinets, drawers and pedestals without making any changes to fixing holes or adding handles thanks to the practical knob. Our range includes hundreds straight or cranked cams, 2-point cams or actuators for central locking systems.

This smart lock is ideal for wardrobes, rack cabinets, public places like train stations and airports, luggage storage lockers, change room lockers, laptop or smartphone charging lockers.

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Product type
  • Bluetooth Electronic lock with PIN code
Supplied with
  • Nut
  • Fixing screw
  • Standard equipped with straight cam
  • Adapters
  • Straight cams with several working lengths
  • Cranked cams
  • Notched cams
  • Actuators
  • Washers and gaskets
  • Plates for glass doors
  • Colours
  • Hardware options
  • Striker plates
Good to know...
  • Flush-fitting installation also possible
  • Operated via Bluetooth technology
  • Low battery warning
  • Certificates: IP54, RoHS 2011/65/EU and 28300.
  • The provisions on electronic waste disposal comply with the regulations PAH AfPS GS 2014:01
  • The dedicated web platform allows to fully manage the lock.
  • Alternatively to silver, the frame is also available with black finish.

Plastica, silicone e metallo pressofuso


Nera o bianca








Scheda tecnica

Please click on the download icon in order to download the attached file.

12HL12XX3/VNvertical - black
12HL12XX3/VBvertical - white
12HL12XX3/ON horizontal - black
12HL12XX3/OBhorizontal - white
25HL25XX3/VNvertical - black
25HL25XX3/VBvertical - white
25HL25XX3/ONhorizontal - black
25HL25XX3/OBhorizontal - white

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