Camlock with oversize head

The plate cylinder camlock with oversize head is one of the top-selling items for several applications. The nickel-plated brass key allows the rotation of the 5-plate barrel located inside a zinc alloy housing called stator or body. The double D fixing hole prevents the rotation of the camlock body when installed. The cam rotation determines the locking or the unlocking. The oversize cylinder head ensures higher resistance and security.

The body and the barrel of the camlock are made of zinc alloy, the cam is made of steel. The 7 mm cam connection also allows the installation of several straight, cranked or notched cams, as well as of 2-point cams to operate rods. There are various models available with different movements, suitable for panel thickness from 0.5 to 27 mm, with key removal in open and/or closed position. The entirely threaded body allows the fixing using a nut or horseshoe clip for the quick installation on steel, aluminum or plastic panels .

The plate cylinder camlock with oversize head is the perfect choice for office furniture, changing room lockers, metal doors, melamine panels, HPL panels, MDF panels, enclosures, vending and carwash systems, machinery, control panels.

Categorie: Architecture, urban planning and design, Banking and post office, Locking systems for industry, Cabinet locks, Diameter 18 - 19 - 20 mm, Furniture locks, Hinged doors, Locks for automated warehouses, Locks for electromechanical applications, Locks for file cabinets, Locks for flap doors, Locks for gaming machines, Locks for GDPR-compliant furniture, Locks for gun cabinets, Locks for hazardous substance storage cabinets, Locks for lockers, Locks for outdoor cabinets, Locks for parcel lockers, Locks for pesticide storage cabinets, Locks for PPE cabinets, Locks for safe-deposit boxes, Locks for ski storage cabinets, Locks for switch panel front doors, Locks for switch panel side doors, Locks for vehicle racking systems, Locks for vending machines, Master key locks, Plate-cylinder camlocks, Security locks, Serrature per armadi industriali-en, Serrature per gaming machine-en, Serrature per lockers-en, Waterproof/oxydation resistant locks,

Tag: Nickel-plated, Plate-cylinder,

Product type
  • Plate-cylinder
Supplied with
  • 2 brass keys SCHG05082
  • Cam piercing: square 7, working length 43
  • Nut
  • Straight cams with several working lengths
  • Cranked cams
  • Notched cams
  • Multi-point cams
  • Actuators
  • Washers and gaskets
  • Keyed alike (KA)
  • Folding capped keys
  • Alternative finishes
  • Master key
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Metallo pressofuso


Nichelatura e rivestimento inox






Scheda tecnica

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192516342090° clockwise, 1 key removal position, head 31 mm
192816559590° clockwise, 1 key removal position, head 31 mm

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