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Smart waste sorting – Electronic gravity lock

Nowadays we increasingly hear about green economy, circular economy and furhter topics connected with green economy and sustainable development, which will most likely be the new challenge for companies and institutions in the years to come.
The concept is simple based on the UNEP definition, that is: “an economy producing human wellbeing and social equity, while reducing the environmental risks and the ecological shortages. In its simplest expression, green economy can be defined as an economy based on low carbon emissions, efficient in the use of resources and socially inclusive”.

What once was considered simply “waste”, turns today into precious goods.
Among the different aspects of circular economy, waste sorting has become part of our daily life; many are not still aware of its direct and indirect benefits.
Proper waste sorting is beneficial to the environment as it reduces pollution, to the community because streets are cleaner and to the public health.

The positive effects are also financial benefits:

  • Saving on the cost of disposal.

  • Enhanced efficiency during the collection operations.

  • More frequent use of recycled materials.

Many municipalities in Italy have organized waste sorting with a “door-to-door” collection system, thus providing every household, condo or business with wheeled bins. In order to prevent improper waste sorting, fences are erected, companies are hired to move the bins inside and outside the courtyards for the collection or bins are locked using chains and padlocks, etc… These solutions are expensive and prevent the collection companies from smoothly emptying the bins.

That’s the reason why OMR have designed and marketed gravity locks for waste bins which, thanks to the innovative gravity opening system, protect 2 and 4-wheeled dust bins from opening and improper waste sorting. Multe per inciviltà come ad esempio gettare la plastica nella raccolta carta

Our technology allows the bin to automatically open when tilted for emptying without using any key. The user opens the bin using a traditional key or budget keys.

Apertura automatica durante la fase di svuotamento

Il passo successivo del nostro progetto era quindi produrre e distribuire delle serrature intelligenti che potessero venire incontro oltre alle esigenze degli utenti anche alle necessità dei centri di raccolta rifiuti specialmente con l’inserimento della tariffa puntuale.

Nasce quindi la nostra serratura elettronica gravitazionale, una moderna soluzione per il mondo dell’ecologia che trova impiego ideale nella raccolta centralizzata dei rifiuti e risolve ulteriormente il problema delle chiavi.

Le serrature della categoria “ecologiche” vengono progettate considerando le condizioni avverse in cui verranno utilizzate nell’uso pubblico e quindi tenendo presente la loro destinazione in ambienti umidi, esposti alle condizioni climatiche e l’alta probabilità di urti casuali.

Le serrature elettroniche gravitazionali grazie alla tecnologia RFID che sfrutta i sensori di prossimità, permette l’apertura tramite delle apposite chiavi (TAG RFID) che oltre ad avere un aspetto facilmente riconoscibile, un’alta possibilità di personalizzazione e un peso notevolmente ridotto, permettono di interagire tramite sistemi informatici e quindi aprire una vasta gamma di possibilità nella centralizzazione della raccolta differenziata.

Chiave RFID

How does it work?

The user is given a RFID tag to approach to the bin to open. After throwing the trash and closing the lid, the system will automatically lock the bin. This process limits the contact with the dust bin and avoids that the bin is forgotten open.

The waste collection companies will then empty the bins without using any key, as the waste bin opens automatically when tilted and locks when the lid closes after the collection.

This new technology opens up new opportunities for waste collection. For example, it is possible to record the collection data (such as user name, bin location, opening time and anything else useful for the collection company) to subsequently download and store on a device for analysis.

The gravity lock can be also embed a volumetric detector to automatically calculate the waste amount and implement a PAYT (pay as you throw) policy.

Such a system is not based on the estimated waste amount produced but on the actual general waste amount produced. The more you sort, the less you pay.

Here the list of the main features of the smart lock:

  • Opening through electronic key and waste registration.
  • Lithium rechargeable battery.
  • Enhanced battery lifetime thanks to the low-consumption technology.
  • Download of the data of each waste bin via Bluetooth.
  • User management, parameter management, control and data collection through dedicated software.
  • Low battery notification.
  • Light notification for opening and closing.
  • Many opening / closing cycles guaranteed.
  • Mechanism, hook and components in strong, oxydation-resistant material.
  • Master card.
  • Reprogrammable keys.
  • Different modes available (shared, exclusive, user groups).
  • Timer for automatic locking.
  • Gravity opening.
  • Security system to open from the inside without using any key.

The electronic gravity locks are easy to install on all kinds of 2 and 4-wheeled bins; furthermore, our company provides installation jigs as well as technical sheets and video tutorials to make the installation easier.