Automatic check-in solutions for hospitality structures

Romano Canavese, a few streps away from Elena e Giorgio Prete’s B&B 4tea4 House

Summer is coming and the over 30,000 B&Bs and the numerous “short-term” properties in Italy are ready to welcome tourists, both local and foreign, to our beautiful country. Historical heirs of the room rental system, Bed & Breakfasts is characterised by the “bed + breakfast” formula, that attracts more and more tourists in these hospitality structures alternatives to the classic ones (hotels, inns, campings, etc.) The driving force of B&B’s is the family location. They are a place where you can socialize around the breakfast table or be “pampered” by the warm welcome of the owners who, with their attention and personal experience, can make a territory or a local culture better known. The short-time rental, on the other hand, has developed thanks to some international online platforms and allows you to rent your home or part of it for a maximum period of 30 days, without providing food or drinks, but maintaining a very high standard of hospitaility.

As a consequence of the economic crisis, for many Italians the Bed & Breakfast (B&B) formula, as well as the simple “short rental” option, have become a life choice that has generated great work satisfactions. The possibility of earning large sums by renting a second home or by renting single rooms, together with the extraordinary opportunity of meeting interesting people from all over the world directly at your home.
In this wonderful world, everything can be perfect, as long as you have a great commitment and the opportunity to invest financially. However, we must deal with an aspect that is too often overlooked: time!

The smart solution for remote management of check-in and check-out processes

B&B - Al Mulino - Electronic locks for autonomous check-in and check-out

B&B Al Mulino – Brandizzo (TO)

We know very well how, nowadays, time is the greatest resource we have and it’s therefore very important to use it to the fullest, both to work better and to make the guests’ stay more enjoyable. Autonomy and quickness during check-in and check-out phases freedom to enter and leave the room even for groups and families without the need to share a key. These are among the main factors that lead to positive or negative reviews from users.

On the hosts’ side who, thanks to B&B’s, can avoid the daily commute from home to work, there is the problem of having to travel more kilometers than before to deliver and collect the keys. Without considering the high security risk of having to leave copies of keys that can be easily lost or duplicated in the hands of unknown persons (whether customers, maintenance workers or cleaners).

The solution: take advantage of technology! Just as technology helps us to make reservations, to promote businesses online and on social networks, it can also help us in managing access control. Through a simple keypad or an APP it is possible to better manage guest accesses: discover all solutions by clicking here, or just take a look below!

Giorgio Prete has chosen Hellock for his B&B

Giorgio Prete, esteemed civil lawyer and expert in the real estate and construction sector, as well as civil and commercial mediator in some mediation bodies, comes into contact with property owners and complex administrators every day thanks to his activity. Giorgio himself, thanks to some restoration works, helped his wife Elena to use a property for the “short rental” system, where key management was a problematic issue.

Before, every time a guest arrived, Elena was forced to travel 20 km to go to the structure. The same happened whem the guest left. Thanks to a simple key box, on which we have installed a Hellock, we have finally solved the problem, making our customers more independent and happier.

We recommend you try their warm welcome, just a few steps from Turin!