Rim lock for door or drawer, black

The rim lock is made of zinc alloy, with black nickel finish and it houses a bolt. The plate-cylinder technology offers an adequate level of security for all kinds of applications. The barrel houses the plates and, in the removable core version, it can be removed through a special removal key to quickly change the keying.

The cylinder, as well as the bolt, are available in different sizes; this allows the installation on different materials (wood, metal, MDf, etc.) and in different positions. The model with reduced bolt locks the door engaging a hole on the side of the door.

According to the bolt position, the rim lock can be installed both on doors and on drawers. It is commonly used on wooden or metal panels, both on office furniture and workshop furniture. The rosettes for single or double glass doors are designed to install the lock on glass hinged doors, for example in showcases and displays. It is the perfect choice for lab furniture, hospital furniture, museum furniture but also for automation applications or lockers.

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Tag: Lock for furniture door or drawer, Nickel-plated,

Product type
  • Plate-cylinder
Supplied with
  • 2 brass keys SCHG05082
  • Bolt: working length 30 mm
  • Rosette: black plastic
  • Capped keys
  • Rosettes
  • Alternative finishes
  • Striker plates
  • Keyed alike (KA)
  • Master key
  • Cranked cams
Good to know...
  • Also available 1 key removal position with MOQ 500 pieces.
  • It can be installed on single or double glass hinged doors. Just include in the installation kit the rosettes SVAR04648 and SVAR04628, as well as the spacer SDIS02245.

Metallo pressofuso


Nichelatura nera






Scheda tecnica

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17212203102 key removal positions, type B
17212203112 key removal positions, type A
17212203062 key removal positions, type C
17212203072 key removal positions, type F
17 212203082 key removal positions, type D
17212203092 key removal positions, type E


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