Rim cross-key lock

The cross key mortice lock is equipped with a cross-key cylinder installed in a steel and zinc alloy housing, which operates a steel bolt. The pins arranged in a cruciform pattern, along with the peculiar key shape, ensure a high level of security.

It is only necessary to drill a 12 mm hole for the keyhole and, thanks to the long key, it is possible to install it on 43 mm thick panels. On the cabinet the keyhole appears like a small hole, which is almost invisible. The fixing on the door is extremely easy, you just need three screws once the black protection cover is removed.
The removable core makes it possible to choose different keying systems such as KA (keyed alike) and KD (keyed different). The square 10 mm bolt is highly resistant and it can be adjusted thanks to the plate supplied with several spacers.
This lock is easy to install and multifunctional, the range of cross-key locks consists of 5 models: rim cross key lock, mortice cross key lock, mortice cross key lock with swinging bolt or hook bolt, mortice cross key lock with double bolt.

Out of the 5 models, the rim cross key lock is the most versatile. Thanks to its reduced size, it caters for any need in contract forniture on showcases or doors but also in the building sector to secure (rolling) shutters or hidden compartments in safes. The 10 mm bolt makes the rim cross key lock suitable for inspection hatches. It is possible to insert the key from the inside and from the outside to secure closets and storerooms.

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Product type
  • Rim lock
Supplied with
  • Three keys 95 mm MCHGYSP/L
  • Striker plate
  • Striker plate available in 3, 5 and 10 mm thickness.
  • Rosette: black plastic
  •   Keyed different (KD)
Good to know...
  • Maximum panel thickness: 43 mm.
  • To correctly insert the key, the notch on the key bow must be upward.
  • The key can be removed in the opening and closing position.

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