European profile half cylinder

The Euro profile security cylindersare characterized by an universal shape so called “european”, composed by a monoblock body in nickel-plated brass. At the centre it turns a standard DIN cam actionated by a movement of a rotor composed by 14 pins placed in 3 lines (7 active pins under spring + 7 passive pins) that allows over 2 milions combinations. To allow an higher security level the cylinder is not frictionated, which means if the key has been inserted in the cam, on the opposite side is not possible to open. It is supplied with 5 owner keys (with orange or blue handle) and with 2 construction keys (with black handle). The main feature of the cylinder is the fact that all the 7 keys are functioning and the two construction keys can be deactivated only by using a specific one/off key.

Thanks to the central reinforcement and to the special pre-cut pre-cut weakening for an early breakage it is ensured an high resistance to the tear. The special spines in tempered steel on the anterior and posterior cylinder allows an high drilling protection while the steel pins and the rust-proof springs allows an high resistance to the abrasion and to the corrosion. The shape pins, besides, allows to prevent the key bumping. The computerized reversible point key, thanks to the long barrel can be used alsowith cylinder protections.

Categorie: Euro-Profile cylinders, Housing and private residences,

Product type
  • Euro-profile half cylinder
Supplied with
  • 5 user keys with orange or blue handle
  • 2 construction keys with black handle (equipped with spherical balancing removable system)
  • 1 one/off key that allow the deactivation of the building keys.
  • Security card (with the cylinder's serial number)
  • 1 screw
  • User manual
  • Key / tailpiece version
  • Brass plated finish
Good to know...
  • The user key can be used together with the construction keys in order to let the user enter in the house during the installing or construction phases.
  • The one/off key remove the compensation sphere avoiding future jammings caused by the passages of the compensation sphere from an active to an inactive cave.
  • The couple of construction keys allows the acces to differents workers (as for exemple the builder and the electrician).
  • It is possible to use the cylinder with the "double life" function, using initially the black keys and later the orange/blue ones in case of lost or theft, deactivating the black ones.
  • Tested for more than 100.000 open/close cycles.
  • The long long barrel key allows to install cylinder protections.










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H30+10KD301040European half cylinder, nickel plated, blank key mchgypc/C, fixed cam at 30 degrees, not adjustable
H40+10KD401050European half cylinder, nickel plated, blank key mchgypc/C, fixed cam at 30 degrees, not adjustable
Sizes scheme Euro-profile half cylinder

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