Latchlock for padlock – With seal hole

Latchlock for seal in zinc alloy for plastic security seals, metal seals, reusable seals, cable seals or electronic seals.
The several cylinder lengths available makes it possible to install the latchlock on metal furniture, wooden furniture or panels with 25 mm maximum thickness. The practical customizable handle allows the cam rotation: once the seal is inserted, the handle is blocked in the locked position to prevent the rotation. Alternatively to the seal, it is possible to use a traditional 30 and 40 mm padlock (shackle diameter 5-7 mm).

The latchlock for seal is also available in technopolymer, a special glass-fiber plastic with the same mechanical properties as zinc alloy, ensuring weather and oxydation resistance as well as many colours to choose among to adapt it to any furniture style. The 7 mm square cam connection allows to install several straight cams, cranked cams or notched cams, along with multi-point cams for rods.

This latchlock is the perfect choice for all the applications that need high mechanical resistance and emergency opening at the same time, such as DAE cabinets, fire-exstinguisher cabinets, emergency trolleys, medical cabinets or, more in general, to prevent tha the content is stolen or damaged.

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Product type
  • Latchlock for padlock – With seal hole
Supplied with
  • Cam square 7 mm, working length 43 mm
  • Nut
  • Straight cams with different working length
  • Cranked cams with different cranks and working length
  • Notched cams
  • Multi-point cams
  • Washers and gaskets
  • Alternative finishes
  • Anti-rotation plate
  • Seal
Good to know...
  • Telling a right-hand door from a left-hand door is very easy: facing the cabinet, if the hinges are installed on the right, you will need a right-hand latchlock, viceversa if the hinges are installed on the left.
  • This model is also available for padlock only.
  • Thanks to the anti-rotation plate, it is possible to install the latchlock also in a round fixing hole.

Metallo pressofuso








Scheda tecnica

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192516338290°, for right-hand door
192516338390°, for left-hand door
192816565490°, for right-hand door
192816565590°, for left-hand door

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