Dresser with locksVery common piece of forniture

Drawers are one of the main pieces of furniture in an office, thanks to their compactness, versatility and volume. They are often equipped with wheels, and can be easily moved to make the working station more ergonomic, flexible and dynamic. Some of them are equipped with a storage tray on top on where, when needed, some padding can be placed, turning it into a temporary “emergency” chair. Whether made out of wood (cheaper and more versatile and with a greater possibility of being customised) or of metal (stronger and more resistant), from a long-term perspectivedrawers must be durable and resistant. Just like any other office piece of furniture, drawers must also be able to endure the numerous stresses to which they are subjected during the day, fisrt of all the opening and closing of drawers

Locks for dressers: security and protection

The opening and closing mechanism can not ignore drawer runners and, most of all, the lock, which allows to keep the confidentiality of their content Locks for wooden dressers are usually locks to be installed with screws and include a single flange or a double one. On metal dressers, for a quick graft, installation through a lock with snap spring is preferred. The multiple or centralised opening mechanism is triggered by a pin that moves a rod which locks or unlocks all drawers Integrating the kit with anti-tip plates the risk of the drawer overturning is avoided in case of simultaneous opening of all drawers and consequent loss of balance.

Managing access to drawers: training and locking techniques

By taking out the cylinder with a special key, it’s also possible to create training systems of various complexity up to the GMK (Grand Master Key) level, as well as choosing the key type depending on the desired grade of security: from the standard key to the reversible one, up to dimple and trace keys as those for the automotive sector, with fixed or flexible grip.
For whoever wishes to opt for keyless solutions, mechanical locks with combination for drawers or electric combination locks are available

Locks and accessories for dressers