Innovative locks for glass furniture. The design solution that does not require drilling

Lock for hinged glass doors. Installation without holesIn the world of furniture and design, aesthetics meets functionality in a perfect combination. Glass furnishings are becoming increasingly popular for their sleek and contemporary appearance, but the issue of safety can often be a challenge. That’s why we developed two innovative locks designed specifically for glass doors and flaps, which do not require complex drilling to install and offer all the security OMR customers need.

Camlock for single glass door

The glass door lock to be installed without drilling holes is an elegant and practical solution for single doors of display cases, jewelry cabinets, watch furniture, displays, office furniture and exhibition counters. This lock consists of a die-cast metal body with a polished chrome finish, which perfectly complements the modern design of glass doors . The wafer cylinder camlocks mechanism is incorporated into a convenient knob, allowing the sash to be opened and closed with ease.

To install the lock, you only need two screws located on the rail on the back of the body. A rubber protector is placed to protect the glass to prevent it from being damaged when tightening the screws, while also functioning as a gasket for extra tightness. The lock is equipped with two brass keys with plastic handles to secure the environment.

Serratura per anta singola in vetro senza foratura - serrature per espositori - 220358

Camlock for double glass door

The glass door lock to be applied without a hole is also a versatile and reliable solution for double hinged doors of display cabinets, showcases, displays, studio furniture and counters with transparent tops. With the same features as the single sash lock, it offers the same security and convenience, but is specially designed for double sashes.

The lock consists of a die-cast metal body with a polished chrome finish, and the Wafer Camlocks cylinder mechanism is integrated into the knob for ease of use. Unlike its predecessor, the double swing sash lock is attached with two screws located on the back of the body, with the rubber protection ensuring the safety of the glass during installation.

Serratura per anta doppia in vetro da applicare senza foro - 220359

Both locks are an innovative solution to be applied, without the need for drilling, on glass doors and flaps. OMR glass casement locks offer the perfect combination of modern design, functionality and security. Whether in a store, office, or home environment, these locks are an ideal choice for those seeking an aesthetically pleasing and highly secure alternative. With their sleek design and reliable performance, these locks stand out for their versatility and ability to adapt to a wide range of applications.