Universal camlocks, slamlocks, cam cylinders or simply cams: these are just some of the ways universal camlocks are called. They are called “universal” because they meet dimensional and functional standards, but it is an especially fitting adjective because these little locks are literally everywhere! They are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as locks for balcony cabinets, industrial cabinets and electrical cabinets, dpi cabinets or ski racks, and also as locks for cabinets intended for the storage of hazardous, toxic substances, or gun racks. Universal camocks also find use as latch for mailboxes, gas and water doors, as well as in drawers, folder cabinets, vending machines, and so on: the list could really be endless! The versatility of these latches makes them suitable for many applications, both commercial and domestic. OMR Locks offers a wide assortment of standard or customized solutions: simple, reliable and durable.

Installing or replacing lever locks is a simple operation that takes a few minutes. Thanks to their standard format, these locks can be installed with a few simple steps and with no structural alteration of doors or drawers, whether they are made of wood, steel, glass or plastic. The thickness of the holder will not be a problem either; in the OMR catalogue you will find locks ranging from 0.5 to 40 mm in body length, always fully threaded, which can be attached with the supplied nut, or with a snap-on clip.

There are several kind of internal mechanisms, but there are two most popular ones on the market: pin tumbler camlocks and barrel plate-cylinder camlocks. While the former solution is robust and lends itself to uses where security is a concern, plate-cylinder ones offer an excellent level of protection for common-use solutions. In both cases, the mechanical strength offered by the first-rate materials, combined with meticulous design andmany years of experience, ensure that OMR locks will last a long time, even with heavy use, and require minimal maintenance. For harsh environments exposed to salt, humidity, and dust, the company offers locks made of stainless steel or technopolymer, a plastic material that is resistant to weather and corrosive substances, ensuring high performance and durability.

OMR offers a wide range of products and accessories, effectively meeting the diverse needs of the many projects presented in the company. For example, if the cupboard door to be closed is very high, in our catalogue you will find accessories such as rods and multi-point cams, which allow you to keep your cabinet or closet firmly locked. Similarly, thanks to accessories called actuators, it is possible to manage the closing of individual drawers or an entire centrally locked drawer units or multi-drawers Even in the simplest cases, for which the use of a cam is sufficient, OMR offers numerous variants already in the catalog: straight, hook and crancked cams, made of quality steel.

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Should the many solutions in the catalogue not meet your needs, the company deploys its design office, technicians, skilled workers and the necessary machinery to create the lock that perfectly meets the technical specifications of your project. You can touch OMR’s true made in Italy, every lock you find on the market is designed and manufactured in our headquarter factory in Turin.

The right balance between quality and price has always been the goal of OMR, which makesquality and durable locks that are always up-to-date and competitively priced. The design of our locks is meticulously detailed, and can be enhanced by laser finishing with your logo, along with a host of accessories and options. That is why we want to conclude this overview by telling you that the universal lock you are looking for is OMR!