The best solution for high doors

The opportunity to take better advantage of space in offices and work environments: this is one of the main needs that designers, archtects, and furniture manufacturers must meet. The best way to meet such requirements is to opt for high doors, which must also be resistant to forcing in all their length. The lock with high rotating rods is the most common type of lock and is also the most suitable for closets and office furniture with high doors, thanks to the stability that the multi-point system guarantees when in closed position along the whole length of the rod.

High rotating rod locks - components, operation, spare partsComponents and operation

The components that make up the installation kit for high rotating rod locks are many: beside the lock, you can also find half-round rods of different lengths, rod guides, the pins into which the hook engages that, thanks to their movement that reminds of the floreo (the hand movement of flamenco dancers) contribute to characterise this type of lock, not by chance also called espagnolette lock..

A wide range of keys, knobs and tumblers

The first type of key initially matched with high the rotating rod lock is the antque key, a solution that is still current on classic or rustic home furniture
As regards office forniture, whether made out of metal, wood or its derivates (HPL, MDF, etc.), depending on the level of security or the number of desired combinations, there are many types of keys available: from the standard toothed keys, to the reversible keys, dimple keys or track keys.
Thanks to the removable tumbler, to close and open the closet even more comfortably, it’s possible to install in the lock body a practical knob with or without a lock with push mechanism, without having to modify the door.
For a design solution, or in the case of reduced encumberances, it’s also possible to opt for the slim high rotating rod, with a reduced width and a more minimalist style.

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