Technology, innovation and productivityIn a world that becomes increasinlgy more dynamic and technologically evolved, there is still some scepticism against the opportunity of increasing business opportunities through technology.

Many gadgets, which are becoming increasingly smaller and more performant, have changed our everyday life in the last ten years Even words belonging to the safety world, like access control and data protection , have become key elements for the creation of a series of items that make life easier and improve user experience At the same time, items like the Hellock electronic lock have given access to countless business growth opportunities in the contract and office, health and hospital furniture sectors, allowing them to offer their client an updated and custom-made offer for keyless furniture, closets or lockers.

Hellock keyless electronic lock - OMR SerratureVersatile and able to effectively solve problems linked to key management, this smart lock can be used by entering a numerical PIN code or of RFID devices like cards, tags, wristbands, and that can be installed on furniture of whatever material (wooden, metal, glass, plexiglass, aluminium, etc.) without requiring modifications to the installation holes of standard locks. It’s the ideal solution both for a first installation and for a post-sale upgrade.