OMR electronic locks come in many variations: you can choose to open them by turning and activating the knob, entering a code via the ergonomic silicone keypad, with a cell phone via NFC or Bluetooth, with a colorful rubber wristband, with a key f ob or with an RFID-enabled corporate badge. Electronic locks are the highest expression of technological innovation applied to these technical elements. In fact, the combination of these locks is digital, which means that a key is not required to open them, and this has many positive implications: this can avoid having to carry a relatively bulky object with you, but more importantly, it averts the possibility of losing the keys and will prevent you from not being able to gain access.

Security, of course, also benefits greatly from the digitized opening system, preventing anyone from making copies of keys fraudulently. But by what systems, then, can electronic locks be opened? OMR Locks allows you to choose from many solutions, all capable of ensure high levels of security: the opening, or even the related programming, of these locks can be done with thePIN code entry, through NFC smartphones, RFID Proximity and Mifare devices, HSC (High Security Code), or even through Bluetooth. OMR Serrature’s electronic locks are equipped with an integrated ergonomic knob that ensures a very manageable opening, the company also designs and manufactures its proposals so that they can prove to be extremely “user friendly,” that is, very simple and intuitive in their use.

OMR Locks select quality materials of realization so that the product proves to be robust, durable and better able to resist vandalism or break-in attempts, in addition, OMR electronic locks are guaranteed with IP54 certification, which means that they can be used easily even in humid environments. Very well designed and definitely compact, OMR Serrature’s electronic locks also guarantee excellent performance in terms of ecology and economy, having batteries that ensure a life span of as much as 10 years or 30,000 cycles of use. Possible applications of these technological models are really many: industries and companies of all kinds, public offices, hotels and accommodation facilities, gyms and sports centers, without neglecting the residential and condominium sphere. Keyless locks with digital opening are obviously an excellent choice for all modern achievements, but they are also ideal where outdated locks are to be replaced, and a renovation such as this can only bring benefits in terms of security, convenience and efficiency.

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