Better than keys and padlocks: the electronic lock is safer, more versatile and practicalNever as in the past two years have we talked about schools: distance learning, partial attendance lessons, wheeled benches, plexiglass barriers to avoid spreading the virus, school transportation and so on. Schools are places where children and young people spend a good part of their time and it is essential for the spaces to be adequate to best nurture their learning ability and the development of their talents and personalities. Therefore, caring for the school environment is not something to be underestimated. In addition to classrooms, also laboratory spaces, collective spaces, structures for carrying out sports and recreational activities are needed. Places where equipment and teachers and student’s personal belongings are kept away also have their importance and some evaluations must be made to choose the most suitable solution.

Dozens of lockers with different privileges?

Better than a key, choose the electronic Hellock lock

Horizontal black electronic Hellock lockDue to the presence of numerous doors and cabinets, as well as of many people involved in their use, solutions involving mechanic locking systems are usually very incovenient and cause a waste of money and time. For this reason, an effective solution to meet theneeds of a school or institute is theelectronic Hellock lock.
To get rid of the unconfortable management of keys, you can use the Hellock lock by typing a numeric pin code or by using a RFID devices (badges, cards). It’s perfect to lock individual cabinets or shared lockers, and can be used by any student or teacher, thanks to the single-user or multi-user mode.
The same innovative combination lock can be used to store school’s documents, in full compliance with GDPR norms and with all the comfort of a keylesssolution, as well as to secure the technical compartments used by maintenance technicians or external companies.
No more padlocks, no more lost keys, no more forced openings, no more need to manage an infinite set of keys! The lack of of a key hole also amkes these electronic locks incredibly hard to tamber and force, significally limiting vandalism and break-in attempts.
Among the 3 access levels, a master level is also present (passe-partout), allowing the unlocking at any time. A level of service to be used by the various employees can also be enabled.
These are only a few examples of the various types of use for the electronic Hellock lock, available in different models that can adapt to many different needs.
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