Modern life increasingly more digitalisedThe digital world is increasingly more present in our lives: we message with our friends, we send emails to clients, we buy books online, we share pictures of our holidays on social networks. And we can do all of this without moving, without shipping fees, without having to queue.

Until February 2020 we used digital media because they were more comfortable and quick, but after the Covid-19 pandemic the scenery has radically changed Suddenly, the digital world has become the only answer to the social distancing necessary to limit the spread of the virus Many had to learn how to work from home, how to use new softwares for videoconferencing and how to remotely manage computers. Others have discovered the joys (and the pains) of home delivery services in big city centres.

Smart neighbourood shops - digital and deliveryNeighbourhood shops have paid hard for this crisis which has aggravated an already not easy scenery. For a long time, customers have been doing shopping in shopping centres and online. This is a new obstacle to overcome for small Italian businesses, which found themselves without the opportunity to reach their customers, or without the possibility to supply them as before. Inside how many shops do you see a sign that says “One person at a time” and a queue outside? Who likes queueing? No one.

Many have tried to come up with solutions such as fliers, Whatsapp groups, and home delivery offers. Groups have sprung up on social networks with the aim of protecting these small and precious realities, which are an integral part of the social fabric and that offer sustenance to many families. That’s why we at OMR though of Click and Collect, a smart solution that allows small business owners to put an ace up their sleeve and get back on the saddle: lockers with safe access and available 24/7.

How does it work?

The sale process allows chats, shops and delivery services to easily communicate. Let’s see how:

  1. The customer orders via Whatsapp Business, Messenger, Facebook, etc.
  2. They pay the amount due via services like SumUp, Satispay, Paypal, Bank transfer, etc.
  3. The business owner processes the order, puts it in an empty locker, and sets a password
  4. Then, they give the password to the customer, who can come and collect the goods whenever it’s easier for them.

Locker Delivery System with HellockAll retail stores that sell non perishable products can make use of this service: hardware stores, DIY stores, food stores (that sell non-persihable products), bookshops, clothes stores, perfume shops, stationery shops, tobacco shops, etc.

Now that we have understood the potential and the use of the Click and Collect system, let’s see what are the advantages the business owner gets by choosing to invest in this smart solution.

  • It can reach clients even after working hours
  • It makes effective use of empoyees’ time and increases sales
  • It improves the service for the customer, who does not need to wait in long lines anymore.
  • It easily follows anti-spread rules.
  • The business owner may take advantage of lockers for promotional activities (offers, advertisements)
  • The business owner can share lockers with nearby shops
  • The business owner can set up the locker based on how many apces they need

The Click&Collect system is equipped with electronic locks and can be installed in several places:

  • On the outside, nearby retail stores.
  • In a cavity reliased in the store but accessible from outside.
  • Inside the store.

Thanks to the Click&Collect System we offer to your customers a local service with the same technology and efficiency standard found on big online stores. By sharing the lockers with other nerby stores you wil give your customers the opportunity to buy at your stores more often. There is finally a way to offer a quality service, without having to give up the comfort of the digital world.