Working from home - frustration and social isolationThe pandemic will leave, but our need for contact will not.

“Smart working”, “teleworking”, “agile working”, “co-working” : these are all terms that have entered everyday language for some years now, thanks to the advent of new technologies like performing broadband connections, AR and videoconferencing platforms, that are becoming more evolved and stable. Naturally, the recent pandemic has done nothing more than bringing these new ways of working among the most discussed topics and questioning what is the best current and future choice to combine workers’ performance, their private life and economic and environmental sustainability.
As many studies have confirmed, working from home leads to reduction of contacts with co-workers and the mediation of such contacts through mail or webcam might lead, long-term, to alienation and isolation, distorting the social nature of working.

Co-working: respecting the environment and the relational needs of employees.

Smart locking systems for co-working and shared structuresFor this same reason co-workingis becoming more popular: it’s a way of working that involves renting a working station for a few days or a week, perhaps in a building more easily accessible than the company’s offices, where many workers go to to find the concentration and focusing that they might not have at home, or just to do some net working. People rent chairs, desks, videoconferencing equipment, meeting rooms and, naturally, the furniture that the working station includes: drawers, cabinets, lockers, closets where to store documents, promotional material, working equipment like Pc’s, tablets, etc.. Being a shared environment, on the one hand it’s necessary for such personal belongings to be kept safe and, on the other, compartments can be emptied when needed, to allow the alternation between users. A key might defeintely be an impediment, seeing that it’s easy to loose, it might break inside the lock, the user might forget to return it, and due to the need for the receptionist to manage all the keys.

For smart way of working, smart solutions are needed!

Combination locksTherefore, here’s the mechanic combination lock for wooden or metallic doors and drawers, that allows to lock and unlock with ease by moving the small wheels on the front of the lock to compose a code, just like a travel luggage!
For whoever has larger and different managing needs, here’s the electronic lock that, without the need for cables, has a battery life of more than 10 years, it allows to be locked and unlocked with a PIN code, a RFID card or a smartphone, ensuring an up-to-date access control and the opportunity for the manager to open the lock at any time thanks to a master password.

Everyone’s happy: the user, as they can safely store their personal belonging, and the manager, as they can always guarantee to customers a space to store documents or other objects, avoiding late storings and troubles.

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