Glass in the world of furniture, thanks to its brilliance, transparency and lightness, is a material that leaves spaces open and at the same time enhances what is displayed inside. Let’s think especially about the jewelry sector, that makes great use of display cabinets, display cases and displays of various kinds, both with sliding doors and with hinged doors.

On both types of door there is the problem of drilling a hole in glass to allow for the installation of the lock: this is always a critical procedure, which can possibly damage the door. The drilling becomes even more critical especially for individuals who, for example, have just bought a display cabinet in a department store and finds themselves having to install a closing solution.

Locks for glass doors, even without having to drill the glassFor hinged doors, the solution is the lock for single glass door (or double door) which allows you to install a practical and safe lock without drilling the door even on already existing showcases, display cases and display cabinets. To fix it, simply tighten the two screws on the back and apply the rubber protection that acts as a gasket to protect the glass. The particular shape of the lock also allows he lock cylinder to be used as a practical knob to facilitate opening and closing, without leaving fingerprints on the door.
If the display cabinet or the display case has sliding doors, he solution to avoid the hole is the rack lock. The pawl with a reed mechanism slides on a rod, called a rack, saw or toothed bar: once the key has been inserted and rotated, it is possible to remove the entire block and slide the doors. The rack is easily fixed to the crystal by simply tightening a screw. Contact us for more information!

Solutions for doors and display cabinets
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