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Smartphones are indispensable tools for everyone in everyday life and the tasks they can perform increase every day, making them the most versatile devices ever. We use smartphones to book hotel rooms, buy online, order groceries from our trusted stores, turn on the home heating, talk to the coffee machine and the refrigerator: who knows in the future how many other unthinkable activities we will be able to do only with help of our smartphones!

Why not use the phone to also receive opening codes for a door, locker or any piece of furniture? There are many spaces in which the use of compartments is always carried out by different people and the management of keys creates a lot of expenses and waste of time due to to their breakage, loss and theft. At the sam time, the possibility of creating access control in order to trace users for safety reasons and better management of spaces is becoming increasingly important. All these requirements cannot be met with a traditional mechanical key – more innovative and advanced tools are needed.
It’s for this reason that the Hellock electronic locks family is now expanding to better respond to the most diverse needs: we welcome the Bluetooth version!

The electronic lock an be locked an unlocked remotely: Hellock bluetooth

Bluetooth electronic lock with keypad - HellockThis lock equipped qith a battery can be managed completely remotely thanks to a Bluetooth hub that guarantees a considerable variety of functions: viewing the opening / closing status, sending access codes to users via SMS or email, changing the lock settings, viewing the event log. The user simply needs to remember the code sent via SMS or e-mail on his smartphone and enter it on the lock in total comfort!

The electronic lock has the same dimensions as its siblings: they are unique for their compactness and discretion in any environment, being able to be installed comfortably to replace any standard mechanical lock without having to make changes to previous holes.
The table below summarizes all the specific features of each model: choose the one that best suits your needs!

Serrature elettroniche Hellock - Find the whole range

* Only by pairing it with the App;

** If paired with App, it is necessary to manually upload enables users.

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