Interior design, privacy protection and great reliability

The optimization of spaces in the workplace is the main challenge that specialists in the furniture and interior design sector have to deal with. We talk about this topic in detail also in our news letter on rotating rod locking systems. Beyond the maximum exploitation of space and the security that the lock must guarantee to the door, in terms of resistance to forcing, never like today has the issue of privacy been as current and of everyday interest. The tall door cabinets and archives contain binders with confidential documents, industrial projects, drawings, accounting documents, customer and supplier data: data that, pursuant to the GDPR, must be kept under lock and key and not exposed to prying eyes. Sure, locking may already be enough to be in order but what happens if you forget to lock, if you lose the key or if the key ends up in the wrong hands?

The smart solution

Electronic locksOMR has the perfect solution: our electronic HELLOCK lock is also available in the rotating rod version! The closing mechanism is the same as in mechanical locks, there is no additional bulk and the same level of resistance to forcing is guaranteed. Not only that… by not having a key-entry space, the lock protects you from tampering and break-in attempts. Lock and unlock the lock by using a pin code, a RFID card or a smartphone for the Bluetooth version. Moreover, keep track of all the unlockings and of who has unlocked the locks thanks to the practical access control log. Install the HELLOCK lock in the same hole of your old mechanical locks and make a quick upgrade in terms of security and protection of confidential data! We are at your disposal for any further information!

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