Rack and pinion sliding locks, also known as saw or toothed bar systems, offer an effective and secure solution for securing glass cabinets, displays, and bulletin boards with sliding glass and glass doors. This type of lock features a rack and pinion mechanism that contains a gear wheel which moves on a notched rod, transforming the rotary movement into a continuous linear movement, and vice versa. The lock is based on a metal alloy wafer cylinder mechanism, which ensures safety and reliability. Once the key is inserted and turned, the entire block can be slipped off and the doors slid smoothly, as can be seen in the video. The lock is designed so that it is only possible to pull out the key in the closed position, so that accidentally leaving the lock open can be avoided.

It should be noted that the installation of these locks does not require drilling or piercing the doors, making the installation process really simple and non-invasive.

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How to install a rack lock on glass without a hole

Installation of glass door lock without hole is really simple and very quick. To begin with, you need to take the notched rod and anchor it to the inner sash, taking care to secure it firmly by screwing the knob in from the inside. In this way, the toothed bar will be positioned in the space between the two leaves. Next, return the sashes to the closed position and slide the lock, also known as the block, until it is brought against the edge of the outer sash. Once correctly positioned, turning the key will lock the lock mechanism, preventing the leaves from moving. This process ensures secure and stable closing of sliding glass doors, thus security and protection against theft and shoplifting.

The rack and pinion lock can also be mounted on wooden and Plexiglas doors of different thicknesses thanks to the two types of rods available, and without the need for drilling.

Ease of installation, versatility on materials and door thicknesses, as well as a refined and unobtrusive design, make these rack locks particularly suitable for installation after the first purchase. Not having to drill holes in the glass sash (a complex and risky operation) ensures a truly affordable installation, and offers the same level of strength and security as a through-hole mounted lock.

Advanced access management

Please note that cabinet locks can be equipped with an intelligent key system for access management, thanks to the different MK and KA ciphers. Encryption represents a key encryption system that enables efficient and secure access management, especially for installations with numerous locks. Take, for example, the case of a jewelry and watch store that has numerous glass displays in addition to a bulletin board in the backroom for announcements to employees. In this context, the use of passe-partout KD encryption is particularly advantageous, because this system would allow for three different keys:

  • A key that opens only the display cases of valuables,
  • Another, different key that opens only the clock displays,
  • Finally, an owner’s master key (still different) that opens all the display cases, including the bulletin board where schedules and notices are posted.

In this way, each employee has access only to areas assigned by management, preventing unauthorized intrusion and providing greater security for the exposed assets. In addition, the use of MK encryption allows for simplified key management, as the owner does not need to carry three different keys, but will have a single key that opens everything. This system provides advanced access control and efficient security management within the business establishment.

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Rack and pinion locks are ideal for a wide range of uses, including store windows with sliding doors, bulletin boards and displays within retail spaces. Thanks to the included rod that allows application to a thickness of up to 29 mm, these locks can also be used on cockpit refrigerators, wooden furniture, medical office furniture and jewelry stores.