Cap for locks for trunks, ski racks, mother-of-pearl racks, roof barsIf mounted outside, locks might suffer from humidity, temperature swings, splashing water and dirt that might damage the external body of the lock, but that can also pervade the internal mechanism. Of course, this might affect the lock’s performance and durability over time, causing it to become resistant to rotation and its consequent damage from collateral risks, such as the breaking of the key inside the cylinder. Think about locks mounted on heavy vehicles (for instance, on toolboxes or isothermal boxes), on motorcycle cases, bike racks, ski racks and roof boxes, or even about locks used in the world of gate automation or on carpentry products exposed to severe weather.

In such cases, measures like a stainless cap on the cylinder’s head, the dust cover or superficial treatments like the “zaponatura” (or basket transparent coating) might not be enough to guarantee the functioning and durability of the lock over time.

Universal protection cap for camlocksLock covering cap: universal and waterproof

For this reason OMR has producted a new protective waterproof cap in thermoplastic resin for all kinds of locks. . The standard double D fixing hole is compatible with any kind of camlock. The cap is connected to the base by a strong bridge designed to resist to multiple opnening and closing cycles and is waterproof and stress resistant, avoiding unwanted openings.

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