Large red upper part with triangular key for gravity lock, no return spring mechanism

The red upper part with triangular key for gravity lock is made of red plastic and it is placed on the lid of the wastebin. It houses a triangular camlock without return spring mechanism. The red upper part operates a hook placed underneath the lid. The hook triggers the gravity mechanism to open the waste bin when tilted by the collection vehicles for emptying.

The innovative gravity system prevents the unauthorized opening of waste bins, thus ensuring the smoother management of waste collection operations and proper waste sorting in towns and districts.
The lock features:
Automatic opening when emptied by waste management companies.
– After emptying, the mechanism will close automatically thus preventing unauthorized opening.
Opening of the mechanism with key: either triangular key (with or without return spring), reversible key (key number from 2001 to 2200) or standard key (key number from 201 to 436); keys prevent the unauthorized opening of the dustbin. The locks can be supplied in keyed alike “BLOCK KITS” to open several waste bins using the same key.
Keyless emergency opening from the inside (i.e. in case a child is locked in the waste bin).
Anti-accidental opening system in case the waste bin is overthrown by wind, collisions or vandalism.

The gravity lock is compatible and easy to install on all 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled dustbins.

Instructions to install the lock using the universal OMR drilling jig.

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Product type
  • Gravity lock
Supplied with
  • Red upper part with triangular key, no return spring mechanism GG/CUP/T/SM
  • Drilling and fitting jig
Good to know...
  • Quick delivery
  • Perfectly compatible with the models already available on the market
  • Here the video to the product introduction and installation:
  • Drilling jig and video tutorials for the installation
  • To combine with:
    • Upper part with hook GG/GAN
    • Lower part GKIT/INF

Metallo pressofuso – Plastica







Scheda tecnica

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GG/CUP/T/SMLarge red upper part with triangular key, without return spring mechanism

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