You are really unique, Hellock!

The Hellock electronic lock by OMR Serrature is The advanced solution for the management of doors, cabinets, drawers and dressers.. Compact, ergonomic and with an incredibly durable battery (up to 10 years!),this small smart lock is available in numerous versions, each designed to best meet the needs of the most demanding customers. It offers an advanced control system that guarantees safety and high connectivity, it is environmentally friendly and resistant to dust and bad weather. It is so simple to install and use that it has no equal on the market: in short, Hellock has many tricks up its sleeve! Let’s find out together how it can be useful in offices, homes, gyms, filing cabinets, company changing rooms, etc.

Host and welcoming. Rent the second home by making the guests fully independent with the keys.

High, hinged doors: swing bar and rotating rods

The rotating rod locking system is used to lock high doors on cabinets and furniture. This system involves the use of vertical rods which, when the lock is activated, rotate on themselves, releasing the hooks placed at the ends from the pins fixed to the piece of furniture. It’s a smart locking system because it allows to lock the ends of the door making it more complicated to bend or force the door by leveraging on the leaf.

The Hellock electronic lock by OMR Serrature offers a modern and smart solution to substitute your old mechanic high rotating rod lock. Thanks to the swing locking system, Hellock is perfectly compatible with the rotating rod locking system, and thanks to its compact design and its standard sizes, it doesn’t require modifications or intervetions on the door. This means that it’s possible to substitute your old lock with a modern electronic lock without having to make expnsive modificationa and, of course, without having to replace the door.

Furthermore, the Hellock electronic lock also offers all the advantages of a smart and modern lock, such as the possibility of opening and closing the door using a pin code which can be set by the owner or which can be changed every time that the opening cycle is repeated (this mode is useful for gym lockers, for example).

All version of the Hellock electronic lock are equipped with batteries that can last up to 10 years, guaranteeing high system reliability. The lock is also weather resistant, thanks to its sturdy construction and the high quality materials used.

Camlocks with notched cam for doors and sliding doors

Camlocks with notched cams are dseigned to efficient.y and safely lock doors and sliding doors. The oeration of these locks is baased on a notched cam that is inserted in the gap between door and frame. When the cam is turned, the hooked is blocked in the gap and the door is closed and locked.

This type of lock has been in use for hundreds of years and like all traditional key operated locks, they have some flaws. First, keys could break or be easily lost, they could be easily duplicated, increasing rhe risk of non-authorised access and it’s not uncommon for the key to break in the lock when walking by and accidentally bumping into it.

The smart Hellock electronic lock by OMR Serrature represents a modern and smart solution also in this case. It is the wold’s smallest CPU equipped lock , it is compact and versatile, the installation of an Hellock lock is quick, simple and it doesn’t require interventions or modifications on the door. Its advanced technology allows to manage the lock with different systems, among which badges and cards, RFID bracelets and keychains, Bluetooth and obviously pin codes. With Hellock it is always possible to choose the most convenient and access method for your needs.

Locks with command for drawers and dressers

This version allows to manage the lock of drawers and dressers through a single centra command, offering greater safety and comfort. The main difference between a single locking dresser and a centrally locking dresser is that in the former each drawer has its own lock, while in the last all drawers are closed and opened by a single central command. The single locking dresser can be useful in places where it is necessary to guarantee the maximal level of safety for each drawer, while the centrally locking dresser is used in places where it is necessary to protect the whole dresser.

Just as the other versions of the Hellock electronic lock, the lock with command for drawers and dressers can be managed with different systems, among which pin codes, RIFID badges, bracelets and keychans and Bluetooth. This way, it is possible to choose the most convenient and safe access methos based on your needs.

Thanks to its advanced technology, the Hellock electronic lock offers the possibility to program different access methods to guarantee maximal safety and access management. For instance, it is possible to set specific access permissions for different users , monitor access to drawers through event log, obtain information on the last opening, and much more.

We can conclude by saying that the Hellock electronic lock by OMR Serrature offers an advanced opening solution, safe and easy to install and use, which perfectly adapts to clients’ specific requirements. Thanks to its versatility, its reduced size and its advanced technologies which it oputs into play, Hellock represents the ideal solution for whoever wishes for a safe and modern management of their locks.