Gyms closed: They will reopen on June 1stJune 1st, the fateful day for the reopening of gyms, is coming. It’s been a long period of forced abstinence for those who were once used to work out multiple times during the week and for those who saw gyms as places where to meet people and socialise. Never as today people feel the need to corve out some time for themselves with healthy sport activities, breaking the everyday routine that restrictions have created. This really is a new beginning: a step towards a return to normality.

The health situation has severely penalised the whole sector. However, the forced stop has allowed gym and sport facilities managers to reorganise spaces and reconsider the service offered, with the objective of making the customer feel even more pampered after reopening. The need is to create, in all of the gym’s areas, a safe environment that doesn’t worry the user, starting from the locker room.

Never before as today sport facilities must communicate to their customers a sense of security with a double meaning: protection against the spread of the virus, caused by the risks of contact with other gym-goers, and safe storage of personal belongings during their stay at the gym. To meet both of these needs for safety, it is important to choose adequate locks for locker rooms. The solution is HELLOCK – the smallest electronic lock with an internal processor.

Hellock keyless electronic lock - OMR Serrature

Removes the need for keys and opens with Bluetooth or RFID sensor, without needing to touch anything.

The HELLOCK electronic lock removes the need to use mechanical keys, which might carry bacteria and microbes The body, made with engineering plastic, and the silicone keys are easy to clean with alcohol. Moreover, with the new Bluetooth version, it will be possible for the user to open the lock with just their smartphone, decreasing contacts with surfaces even more.
Removing mechanical keys also means removing one of locks’ vulnerabilty elements: a mechanical lock and always be forced or tampered. At the same time, Hellock can replace the use of padlocks, by offering a more comfortable service to the customer and making it easier for the manager to open the lockers for safety reasons and to sanitise spaces. Our electronic lock, as a matter of fact, can be opened by the user thanks to the immediate creation of a PIN code or, in the case of an emergency or if the user forgets the code, it can be opened by a master password owned by the manager. Moroever, the RFID version is also available and can be operated by bringing RFID badges, cards or wristbands closer to the lock. This solution makes the RFID version perfectly integrable with access management systems already present in the facility.

It’s the perfect solution to limit contacts with objects (like keys) that might be passed from one hand to another, to avoid problems deriving from the loss of keys or from their breakage and, why not, to give am update to the service thanks to this hi-tech solution.

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