The economic and smart solution for an efficient management of the separate collection of waste exists and it’s called gravitational lock for bins Let’s find out together how it works, how to install it and why it will make us save time and money.

Separate collection of waste - gravitational lockThe first time we were given 5 different bins for the separate collection of waste to keep at home, all of us took a look a we took a questioning look around the house: and where do I put them now? Today, however, not making the separate collection of waste seems innatural, wrong. We have seen too many children play between mountains of waste in documentaries, to not be willing to separate plastic from paper. So we decided to roll up our sleeves and made our part. In short, everything seems fine as of now

Yes, until we go to throw away our organic waste and realise the inevtable: anyone who walks past the bin can throw whatever they want in it, therefore making all our efforts invalid. It’s not rare to see situations of degradation right next to home collection bins In addition to making all out efforts invalid, this system does not allow the city municipality to recognise our contribution rewarding us with a lower waste tax, while it’s not rare to be fined because of others. This is why we started to see bins with padlocks and chains – it’s the more obvious answer to an obvious requirement: waste bins with locks but that also spare us the thrill of having to stand in the cold why we try to open the padlock to the garbage man

Gravitational lock for bins – here’s the smart solution!

The solution to this issue exists and is called gravitational lock for bins: let’s see how it prevents unauthorised accesses and at the same time it allows ecologic operators to empty the bins The gravitational lock doesn’t allow the lid to be opened except by the owners or when the bin is emptied. in this last case, the gravitational lock unlocks, allowing the bin to be emptied even when we are not present Installing these locks for bin waste is very easy and will allow us to save time and money: you only need to fix the red upper part on the lid and the closing part to the body of the bin. If you’re curious to see how this is done, take a look here.

This closing system allows big savings to all those condonminiums that had to pay workers to move bins for internal courtyards to the street. Thanks to this innovative locking system with keys it’s possible to solve this issue with a low and non-recurring expense: you just need to install the locks and then put the bins on the street.

The gravitational lock for waste bins is also equipped with a facilitated internal unlocking mechanism for emergencies, thanks to a special cam that allows the unlocking of the lock, for instance eƬwhen kids play hide and seek and would do anything not to be found.

Thanks to the gravitational lock we can finally say goodbye to padlocks for waste bins and sleep pacefully waiting for a (hoped) waste bill reduction.

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