Hellock can be installed on all surfaces: wood, metal, glass, plexiglass, etc.The world of technical furniture is vast and articulated and it includes all the elements that make up the furniture of the places where professional activities are carried out: from the laboratory, to the doctor’s office, to the workshop.
Being the interior design world so varied, many companies have specialised in the manufacturing of tailor made and custom furniture according to the type of application and needs..
The choice for professional furniture, unlike that for domestic environments, must meet particular needs: functionalitty and ergonomics in terms of space and convenience of use,ease of cleaning and sanitation, protection of the objects stored in cases, and respect of the expected normatives that regulate the choice of materials, of technical qualities and of furniture design.
In an industrial environment, for example, the need for resistance and sturdiness of furniture prevails; in a lab, on the other hand, sanification is the priority. Necessities are even more different in those spaces whereprofessional activities are carried out in public places, such as the dentist’s office. It’s a world that we could get to know closely thanks to the collaboration with the interior designer Elisa Zagatti with a enxhibition project in this field.

«The needs of a dentist’s office» Elisa asserts, «are first of all the creation of a healthy environment, clean, but at the same time comfortable and that puts patients at ease, as they often find themselves in a state of anxiety and worry». The choice for materials, shapes and colours should never be random, even opting for custom furniture that harmoniously fit in the environment and that effectively represent the studio image that the denstist wants to communicate to their patients. To achieve this result, furniture has been customised with the studio’s colours and logo, creating LED light effects capable to improving the comfort of the rooms.

Elisa Zagatti, interior designer, has chosen OMR's Hellock electronic lock.One of dentists’ requirements was being able to securely and comfortably store patients’ documents, in total compliance with the GDPR normative on the protection of data protection. The solution was choosing the Hellock electronic lock, a battery powered device capable of securely closing closets, removing all the key management issues, thanks to it being operated only with a PIN code. Hellock, thanks to its versatility, was able to meet another need – that is, that of storing special waste inside special closet and making them available only to those in charge of their management and disposal. The electronic lock, as a matter of fact, has 3 access levels – user, service and master, – which the manager can program and that make this solution comfortable and safe.
Dentists’ offices, moreover, have special equipment to carry out thorough tests and analyses, like TC cone beam scans, the intraoral scanner and the router. In the specific project carried out by Relax Casa (http://relaxcasa.it/), such systems were placed inside ad hoc rooms, whose access is strictly limited to specific patients, accompanied by authorised personnel.

“Even if the window is the same, not everyone who looks out see the same things: the view depends on the gaze” (Alda Merini) This is the key: to put ourselves in our client’s perspective to actively listen to them and detect their needs, combinig abilities and sharing knowledge in order to effectively meet every need».

Motorized knob for smart opening in full safety

Motorized knob for smart opening in full safety

The solution chosen to regularly manage accesses and to have a remote andconstant monitoring was the motorized knob, which was installed on the doors of special rooms. This tool allows, in a very simple way, to securely lock the area, allowing access – temporarily or permanently, to authorised users, who can use their smartphone to operate the lock and open the door. Moreover, the knob allows to record the number of accesses and the status of closing and opening of the lock.

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