Hinged doors and drawers are the main elements that make up any type of furniture in metal, wood or its derivatives. Certainly there are other solutions such as shutters, flap doors, sliding doors and multiple locking systems for drawer units, but it can be said that hinged doors and drawers are the most widely adopted solution. Depending on the material chosen and the strength required for the furniture, the thickness of doors and drawers can vary considerably: from the millimeter of a metal product up to about 3 cm of thickness of a wooden piece of furniture of a certain value.

Same locks for doors and drawers: an aesthetic and practical question

To standardize the aesthetic of an environment or of a product on which both drawers and doors will be installed, a solution to be adopted for both and on any type of material is the lock with a round base to be applied on doors and drawers. Different versions are available for right doors, left doors and for upward or downward closing doors. Fixing is done from the inside of the panel through two screws. The particular rounded shape of the base is anti-shock and anti-scratch. Maximum flexibility also with regard to the deadbolt, also known as post: posts in different lengths are available, straight or bent, with standard ends to be combined with a counter-edge (reinforcement), or with a trimmed (or reduced) one to close by creating a hole in the cabinet body. If the standard versions in the catalog are not enough, on request we can also make customized latches to meet every need! To finish the installation, the rosette inserted on the cylinder refines the appearance of the piece of furniture, concealing any imperfections caused by making the hole in the panel.

Change the key without removing the lock thanks to the removable rotors

Another innovation is removable tumbler that allows to modify the ciphers for safety reasons or if the keys are lost, it allows to create master key systems up to GMK level and choose between 5 different types of keys depending on the desired level of protection: all without replacing the lock or needing to work on the piece of forniture A simple cylinder extraction key is enough to complete the operation.

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Locks for doors and drawers
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