In the landscape of security solutions, OMR mortise-on – or mortise-off cross key locks stand out for their versatility, discretion and robustness. Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications, these locks are an optimal solution for those seeking effective protection while having little space for lock installation. OMR cross key locks concentrate security, discretion and elegance in a truly compact space.

Guaranteed safety even in small spaces

The heart of OMR cross key locks is the cruciform pin cylinder, which offers high resistance to tampering and burglary attempts and differs from normal cylinders precisely because of the cruciform arrangement of the internal pins. This shrewdness makes it possible to significantly reduce the thickness of the cylinder and thus of the lock body, making it the ideal solution for installations on small lock spaces. The unique cross shape of the key helps maintain a high level of security, providing effective protection against intrusion and theft.

Discretion and minimalist design

OMR cross key locks are distinguished by their compact, unobtrusive and minimalist design. The key input is a small, almost invisible hole, making the lock inconspicuous and perfectly integrated into any setting. This feature makes it ideal for applications where aesthetics are a determining factor, such as displays, showcases, and designer furniture.

Ease of installation, robustness and versatility

Installation of OMR cross key locks is quick and easy by fastening them by means of two screws on the face plate (mortise), or to apply on the prearranged panels. It should be kept in mind that the materials used to make the cruciform pin cylinder, high quality steel and brass, ensure long service life and superior wear resistance. In addition, OMR cross key locks are available in several variants: you can choose from models with simple, swinging or hooked deadbolt, and between single (KA) or mixed (KD) encryption.

A wide range of applications

OMR cross key locks, with their unobtrusiveness, robustness and minimalist design, prove to be a versatile solution that can be adapted to multiple needs. In addition to being an excellent choice for the security of display cases, gratings, cabinets, panel or aluminum profile displays, these locks find use in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial settings bringing a touch of elegance, and functionality.

Let’s discover together some of the contexts in which OMR cross key locks find ideal application:

  • Contract furniture. Design showcases, doors, cabinets and drawers find in the OMR cross key locks a perfect complement that enhances their elegance and functionality. Its discretion allows the aesthetics of the furniture to be best enhanced without compromising the security of the contents.
  • Construction sector. Small grates, metal doors and flaps find the OMR cross key locks a practical and secure solution. Its durability and ease of installation make it ideal for applications in building settings, providing security and discretion.
  • Exhibition and technical furniture. The OMR cross key lock proves to be an excellent choice for securing exhibition and technical furniture because of its discretion and durability. Its ability to integrate seamlessly into any setting makes it ideal for protecting content and valuables at trade shows, events, and inside laboratories, offices, and premises.
  • Shutters and blinds. OMR cross key locks offer an effective level of security for the protection of shutters and blinds, providing peace of mind in residential and commercial settings. Its unobtrusiveness makes it possible to preserve the aesthetics of windows and openings, providing an excellent level of security and without compromising functionality.
  • Metal doors of technical compartments. OMR cross key locks are a practical and secure solution for electrical panels and meters. Its strength and ease of installation make it ideal for protecting access to compartments and technical components. The fact that the lock is not exposed provides an additional layer of security.
  • Metal cabinets. Cabinets and doors can be effectively protected with the OMR cross key locks. Its resistance to wear and tear and its discretion make it an ideal choice for work and home environments, ensuring the safety of furniture.
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