Home sweet home

Grocery shopping delivered at homeThe new normality of the last few months made us rediscover the pleasure of staying at home and of enjoying those small comforts that, by staying outside all day, we might not appreciate. One above all, given the impossibility of physically going to many shops, that of receiving your grocery shopping at home, rediscovering the short distance trade.Staying at home also led us to become more aware of our living space, of what we like and of what we would like to change to better enhance it, even in shared areas,to give their looks a touch. Now that we are almost coming back to normality, it would be good to keep the comforts to which we got used to in this period and, at the same time, to not forget the good resolutions we made to take care of our home and of all of its spaces.

Delivery shipping? Yes, and even in your absence

Delivery shipping - cabinet with remote opening for delivery ridersIn an apartment complex, for instance, the main business card is the entrance hall, in which mail boxes are installed. To give a touch of modernity and a wink to design, to increase security and remove a key from the already heavy keychain that we all have, why not install the HELLOCK electronic lock? Also available in horizontal version or in white It adapts to every mail box, wooden or metallic ones, classic or modern ones, by installing it in the same hole of the previous mechanical lock, without the need to make other interventions.Following the recovery of the everyday routine, you might not have the time to go to your trusted supermarket during opening times. Also in such cases, HELLOCK is the solution. It’s installed on special lockers at the entrance of your condominium that allow the delivery driver to deliver your shopping at home and to place it in the compartment you indicated, allowing you to collect it anytime. Lock and unlock with a code. Keep your purchases safe and avoid having to rush to the supermarket before closing. Contact us for more information! We at OMR are at your disposal!

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