Locks for sliding doors are a practical and convenient solution in the field of security and interior design. These locks, due to their uniqueness and functionality, are perfectly suited for different contexts, from home to office, from archives to libraries to special applications. A product that offers the perfect balance between safety, aesthetics and practicality of use.

How does a Sliding Door Lock work?

A push-button lock, as the name suggests, is activated and deactivated by a button built into the mechanism. This type of lock is particularly popular for its ease of use: when the doors are closed, simply press the protruding button to lock them, and the locking pin will fit inside the slot in the inner door. Conversely, to unlock sliding doors, it is sufficient to use a key that, through a rotary motion, deactivates the lock by withdrawing the pin and allowing the doors to slide freely. In the open position, the lock pin moves outward, allowing the sliding movement and, most importantly, it works without scratching the inner door. The ease with which sliding door locks can be closed and opened makes them ideal for situations where frequent and quick access is needed, such as in work environments or domestic spaces.

Una selezione di serrature a pulsante per ante scorrevoli in metallo

Sliding Door Locks Design

Sliding door locks by OMR are the ideal solution for those seeking efficiency, optimal space management and security in professional and home environments. Sturdy construction combined with a sleek, modern design makes these locks perfect for installation on metal furniture in offices and laboratories, where practicality and style go hand in hand. The push-button locks can be installed on wooden or metal cabinets and wall units. The clean, minimalist design allows them to adapt to different styles and materials, while always maintaining an elegant and discreet appearance.

Careful design: why choose sliding door locks by OMR

Take for example the oval push-button lock for sliding doors, an OMR product that reflects attention to detail and customer needs. Made of high-quality materials, this lock has a number of features that make all the difference: quick fork fastening, rear protective grommet, several keying options (KD, KA and passe-partout arrangement), and two keys included. The protective grommet is a detail in itself, but it reveals a good design because it prevents scratching the back door, should the closing button be accidentally pressed during door movement. The lock offers options such as plastic handles, spacers, and numbering on the cylinder.

OMR always has an eye on industrial manufacturers

Another example of intelligent design is model 160551, which stands out for its unique functionality and design. This lock does not only offer convenient push-button and key opening and closing, but it is also designed to maximize theefficiency in cabinets and wardrobe production. Its shape allows it to be placed in the same drilling jig used for the rear attachment hole and also for the MMAN04362 handholds, making thedoor fully reversible. In this case, the quick-fixing system speeds up installation with a quick-fixing plastic insert, and again the rear grommet prevents accidental scratches when opening. It is ideal for metal sliding doors for office furniture such as filing cabinets and executive cabinets, common in environments such as offices, libraries, schools and universities.

Serratura a pulsante per porte scorrevoli - 160551
Serratura a pulsante per ante scorrevoli con filettatura per fissaggio con dadoSerratura a pulsante per ante scorrevoli con filettatura per fissaggio con dado. Posizione di aperto

Versatility, customization and a new feature

OMR offers a range of slidind doors locks with square or round bases, in die-cast metal or engineered plastic. Fixing options are also plentiful, and a new feature just recently released will allow OMR customers to fix push-button locks by nut as well. This new mode joins those historically found in the catalog with screws and rivets, as well as quick and fork fastening.

Support and customer service

OMR also stands out for its excellent customer support and service, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews. The company is committed to providing high quality customer service, ensuring technical support and meeting the specific needs of each customer. OMR’s strengths have always been a strong customer focus, a made in Italy quality of production, and a full control of the entire production cycle, which allows a high level of customization of locks. If you need a lock for cabinets or wall units with sliding doors, you are in the right place: contact OMR, we have the solution for you.