A new generation of OMR products is born. The innovative SERIE OTTO lock is an European profile lock that increases the security of door mounting deadbolt locks and door knob locksets.

Due to the anti-card key turn it’s not possible to retract the latch with the closed door.

Ready to be assembled on doors with any kind of European profile cylinder (key/key, key/knob, electronic or motorized) and with fixing holes for standard cylinder protector.

It opens up new horizons for doors (such as hotel rooms) and equipped walls security, as well as for the implementation of a gate access control (such as airports, stations and public places) and for the protection of corporate assets as the sensitive office data.

Convenience installation and modular structure allow many other applications.


Watch the promotional video of our new “SERIE OTTO” lock.

Discover in this video the drilling jig for the Serie OTTO lock: watch

It’s now available on our Youtube channel the assembly procedures for the security of feather touch lock or door knob. Watch the video!