Over 400 different types of locks for a wide range of applications.

The catalog prensents the complete O.M.R. offer, divided into 12 sections:
pin tumbler locks, wafer tumbler locks, spanner locks, drawer locks, swing door locks, sliding door locks, locks for cabinet doors or drawers, locks for cabinet or shutter doors, aluminium locks with cross key cylinder, gravity locks, the serie OTTO locks and the SUPERCLASS LOCKS SELECTION.
A tris of briefcases containing a kit of the best-selling wood, metal or glass products.

Three practical sets that include a careful selection of locks coming from over 50 years experience in producing closure systems.

Among the latest products there are the “engineering plastic” locks, a whole range of locks with extractable core, the OTTO locks that is an European profile lock that increases the security of door mounting deadbolt locks and door knob locksets and the aluminium locks with cross key cylinder.

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